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An Original Leaf from a First Edition 1560 Geneva Bible with Title Page Facsimile and Certificate of Authenticity (on back) conveniently placed on paper with decorative boarder, shrink-wrapped on posterboard with a printed description box describing the importance, significance and value - ready to be framed!



The Most Popular 16th Century English Bible Ever Printed!


This original page was taken from one of the First Geneva Bibles ever printed. It is extremely rare. One expert could only locate 24 copies in all of North America.

It was translated in Geneva Switzerland by the Englishmen who had fled the persecution of Henry VIII's daughter, "Bloody" Mary.

With some 500 of their compatriots executed during her reign, these exiles labored "for the space of two yeares night and day (during a) tyme most dangerous...".

The result of their labor was a new version that would light a fire in the lives of literally millions of people bringing them to the Savior and the knowledge of truth.

The printing expense was borne by the church in Geneva. Imagine, the page you are now beholding was actually paid for by a fellow Christian more than 430 years ago!

This Bible is famous for its marginal notes.

There are over 300,000 words in these notes expounding the text and laying the foundation for Calvinism in the lives of its readers.

Hundreds of phrases found in the notes came directly from his commentaries.

Besides the notes, this Bible inaugurated several other "firsts."

It was the First English Bible with verse divisions. This made memorization and cross reference a breeze. It was the first English Bible to be printed in an easy to read Roman Typeface and the first to put any words not in the Greek and Hebrew texts into Italics.

The lineage of the Geneva Bible is legendary. It was the Bible of Shakespeare, Milton and the Puritans. The Pilgrims brought Geneva Bibles with them to America on the Mayflower in 1620. It's no wonder that this version soon became the household Bible for tens of thousands of Bible Believers making it the most popular 16th Century English Bible ever printed!

1560 First Edition Geneva Bible Leaf

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