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An Original 1613 First Edition King James Black Letter Quarto Bible Leaf with Title Page Facsimile and Certificate of Authenticity (on back) conveniently placed on paper with decorative boarder, shrink-wrapped on posterboard with a printed description box describing the importance, significance and value - ready to be framed!


Bottom of mounted page slightly wrinkled (may be flattened with framing).




The First "Classic" King James Bible Printed for Everyday Bible Believers!


This original Bible page is nearly 4 centuries old. It was taken from one of the first King James Bibles ever printed in a "hand held" size (called a "quarto") and in the same classic "Black-Letter" typeface as the First Edition published in the year 1611!

Isn't it inspiring to know that this page was once owned and cherished by a fellow Christian almost 400 years ago?

The page was printed on a handmade paper. It is referred to as "rag" paper because it was actually made out of old discarded clothing. Rag paper is well known for its longevity and durability. It should easily last another 400 years!

Each piece of metal type used to produce this page was forged from hand cut originals. 

Skilled craftsmen laboriously set each piece of type into a metal frame called a "chase" to form the mirror image of the page it would be transferred to. Imagine setting up each page - in reverse!

Finally the page was printed at Robert Barker's pring shop in London, England where he was "Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majestie". It was he alone who held the exclusive right to print the Holy Bible in the entire Kingdom. 

This remarkable book was intended to have all the "class" of the Original 1611 First Edition. It was modeled after it by using the same ornate "Black-Letter" typeface and even repeating some of the same misprints. However, becuase it was printed in a quarto size, it was affordable for the average, everyday Bible believer!

Leviticus Title Page - Original 1613 KJV Black Letter Quarto Bible Leaf

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