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A Gift Met With Gasps - Pastor Appreciation Gifts

During the Christmas season especially, taking the time to find the "right" gifts for people close to you can be pretty challenging. Typically, we have compiled a "list" of family and friends to shop for and it can be difficult to find a gift for each of these people that will truly have a special impact, or cause a special, emotional reaction to the receiver.

We'd like to share a short story from a satisfied customer from years back who was able to present one of our Original, First Edition, First Printing 1611 King James Bible Pages to their Minister on behalf of their congregation.

"On Sunday, September 29, 1991, I had the privilege of presenting one of your beautifully framed* Bible passages from a First Edition King James Pulpit Bible to our senior minister. The occasion was the celebration of his twentieth anniversary in the ordained ministry. At the close of each of our three morning worship services I unveiled our gift while the congregation waited in anticipation. The first two "unveilings" were met with "oohs" and "ahs," and our senior minister was rendered speechless, which is no small accomplishment! However, I was not prepared for the response at our third service: there was an audible gasp from the crown of over 300 worshippers!

Thank you for providing such an exquisite and unique gift.

Yours in Christ, Mary S. Hodge Clerk of Session"

If you'd like to show a special appreciation for your Pastor or Minister this Holiday Season, consider our Original 1611 King James Bible Pages. Coming together as a congregation makes this purchase much more affordable and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact and show an extreme appreciation for the work that your Pastor or Minster does for your Church and Ministry.

Keep in mind that we still have just over 200 Original pages from the First Edition, First Printing 1611 King James Bible. If you know your Pastor or Minister has a favorite/life verse, make sure to search our store to see if that page is still available!

As an appreciation of our own, we're extending our "Thanksgiving Psalms Sale" through the month of December which provides 10% of all of our remaining Psalms pages. Enter the Code "Thankful" at checkout to receive the additional 10% off your order on any of our remaining Psalms Pages.

*We no longer provide framing with our pages. However, framing has become much more accessible and affordable over the years & you can typically find a local framer to help customize and design a frame that fits your needs for a fairly reasonable price.

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