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Authenticating Your Bible Leaves

How do you know the "First Edition, First Printing" Bible leaves you're getting are actually from a First Edition, First Printing?

There are thousands of Bible leaves available online from around the world. Many of them are being touted as "First Edition" leaves with certificate's of authenticity to prove it. But, can't you just print a Certificate of Authenticity from your computer? You sure can.

In this video, Jack and Evan McElroy discuss how there are certain things to look for that are tell-tale signs of a First Edition, First Printing (in this case for the 1611 King James Bible). A quick search online will demonstrate that there are countless "First Edition 1611 King James Bible Leaves" being sold. But the term "First Edition" has been used to describe the King James Bibles years removed from 1611. The real value comes with First Printings, Second Printings, etc.

One of the ways you can know for certain that our Original, First Edition, First Printing 1611 King James Bible leaves are authentic is that our leaves have a traceable history.

Jack McElroy knew the differences in printings when he bought his First Edition, First printing 1611 King James Pulpit Bible back in the early 90's. We still have the Ruth 3:15 Bible leaf which has the very well known reading of "he went into the citie" that is a tell-tale sign of a first edition, first printing "He" Bible.

Please take a few moments to watch the video, and let us know what you think! We hope our story has given you some confidence in knowing for sure what you're purchasing.


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