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One of The Most Meaningful Possessions You Could Ever Own…

At McElroy Rare Bible Collection, we have carefully cultivated a unique compilation of history-rich Bible's and rare, authentic, individual leaves from an original, First Edition, First Print 1611 King James "He" Bible and many more.


Some of our more popular items are the 1611 First Edition, First Printing King James Bible Leaves. We sell them unframed with a Facsimile Title Page & Certificate of Authenticity.


You’ll find very quickly when researching these rare and valuable pieces that it can be difficult to confirm their authenticity. We hope that by sharing our Story on the 1611 Leaves page on our website, that we can give our customers a peace of mind that exceeds many other websites out there that are offering “similar” pieces.


We’re always here to help our customers, providing a wealth of knowledge about our items giving you confidence and pride about the product(s) you’re purchasing.

McElroy Rare Bible Collection was established in 1991 after Jack McElroy had bought a page from an Original, First Edition, First Printing, 1611 King James Bible. The page Jack purchased had the passage of Isaiah 9:6 on it which was one of his favorite verses at the time.


In an effort to share that special experience he had, Jack sought out to purchase his own First Edition, First Printing 1611 King James Bible in order to “piece” it out and sell these special pages to other Bible Believing Christians. After careful consideration, some time and considerable research, he finally found and purchased an original First Edition, First Printing 1611 King James Bible and paid top dollar to get it (about $71,000).


Jack sold hundreds of these pages but didn’t sell them all. Over the next 25 years, he got involved in other projects and no longer actively marketed his remaining inventory of leaves.


McElroy Rare Bible Collection has recently made the shift to establishing an online presence, making their entire remaining inventory of 1611 Leaves (as well as other rare leaves and historic Bibles) available to purchase with the simple click of a button. 


For more information on our unique offering of our Original, First Edition, First Printing 1611 King James Bible Leaves, click through to read the whole story.

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