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"I have just received my 1611 leaf, magnificent, inspiring, huge! 

Thank you so much for your valued service. It is great being able to make a choice as to which portion of the Bible to purchase.

I took a while researching each leaf on offer and find one with passages that resonated with my needs.

The facsimile of the Title Page is a real treasure, knowing I can never hold a real leaf, this is the next best thing.

The certificate of authenticity is pretty impressive, certainly the best I have received with a leaf. (I have quite a few). 

It adds distinction and 'provenance' to  this collectible.

I can totally recommend your collection to everyone interested in the early printed page and can say that being a custodian of a first edition 1611 KJV leaf is a rare privilege which you have helped me achieve." 

Alvin Coltheart

"Today, tends to be the day of the "authentic" merchants. It seems that the pages of most publication are filled with the authentic sale of every imaginative device. The glitzy show and glitter with which these gimmicks are cloaked are detrimental to the few sound opportunities that are likewise compelled to advertise within the same publications. It is for this reason I now write to you.

I am quite pleased to state that the original page from the First Edition King James Pulpit bible was more than it had been advertised to be. I do consider this to be an heirloom worthy of passing on through our family.

While I am no expert, as to its authenticity, I am inclined to believe that the quality of everything that surrounds this page attests to its value.

This opportunity was well planned-well presented-and well received. In closing, I desire to encourage you to continue to strive for the high standards which you are presently reaching. It has been a pleasure doing business with an "authentic" reputable company.”


"I would like ot let you know how pleased I am with my page of the 1611 Bible. It hangs in a prominent place between my book shelves. I have mounted a light above it for highlighting. You have done a beautiful job of mounting such a treasure.

As an educator I have already used it in the classroom to help students gain a greater appreciation of the process of printing the first King James version.

I am seriously considering obtaining another for my children. It is a piece of art, a rare antique, therefore a collectible investment that is educational and decorative. It's not easy to match that. Again, thank you!”


"I can't begin to tell you the tremendous blessing it was for us to give a first edition page of the King James pulpit Bible as a gift of appreciation. The quality...the beauty and its, if I may use the term, majesty were much more than we ever expected.

We presented the first edition page to Pastor Jim Baize and the good folks at Midway Baptist church in San Diego, California...

Pastor Baize has received many honors and awards over the years, but I have never seen him more delighted or bless than he was upon receiving this unique page of Christian history.

Thank you for making this cherished document available.”


"[t]he pages you are offering of the Bible is well worth the investment. As a lover of Art and History, I found that this gift was a very enduring and lasting expression of a person's love for the things of God.

It not only gives an individual a portion of very valuable are, and an excellent witness of the Word of God. I trust that people everywhere will recognize the beauty of this treasure.”


"Good People!

"Unsolicited testimonials" are, in my estimation, the best kind.

I want to compliment you on the informative way in which you presented the vailability of pages from the 1611 King James Pulpit Bible and the reasons for its not being kept intact as a single volume.

Along with this, though, I commend your integrity as people involved in the sale of a product: everything promised was done...and then some. This is not always the case when we have to deal in a frightfully secular world.

I thank you for not betraying a trust.

When my page arrived, I was moved to the thoughts which you had already shared with those of us who had received your literature: THIS IS A PAGE FROM A BIBLE THAT HAD BEEN IN USE AT ONE TIME. In other words, the same gospel message that was preached some 380 years ago by a minister of the church who had the same hopes, aspirations and concerns for his congregation that I do today. There is something timeless and timely about having the framed page hanging near the very place where I prepare my homily.

My compliments to your friendly staff as well. Their phone "presence made the ordering experience much like talking to someone "back home." You have accomplished much.

I look forward to future offerings from you along these same lines...your books may be "rare"; but your kind business acumen and integrity are not.

Good things to you!

In Jesus Christ, our Lord,



Dear Jack,

On Sunday, September 29, 1991, I had the privilege of presenting one of your beautifully framed Bible passages from a First Edition King James Pulpit Bible to our senior minister. The occasion was the celebration of his twentieth anniversary in the ordained ministry. At the close of each of our three morning worship services I unveiled our gift while the congregation waited in anticipation. The first two "unveilings" were met with "oohs" and "ahs," and our senior minister was rendered speechless, which is no small accomplishment! However, I was not prepared for the response at our third service: there was an audible gasp from the crown of over 300 worshippers!

Thank you for providing such an exquisite and unique gift.

Yours in Christ,



Dear Jack,

Although we felt a great deal of anticipation when your box arrived, we were unprepared for the beauty of presentation of the original page from the King James Bible. It is exciting to own a page from this document that has had such a remarkable place in the church's history, and your presentation of it is nothing short of magnificent. Thank you!

The framed page now occupies the central place in our living room. (I wanted to take it to my office but my wife said it was too beautiful for my office!)

I am grateful for the opportunity we have had to work with you in this. I hope that you received a good response from the ads that ran. Should you wish to do additional trade-outs in the future, just give me a call or drop me a note and we'll be happy to discuss it!

Blessings on you!



Dear Jack,

Thanks so much for the opportunity to own such a magnificent piece of history. My family and I will undoubtedly enjoy this treasure for many years to come.

Thanks also for the prompt and considerate attention concerning the shipping damage to my Acts cover page. I was able to have it repaired, and it is now hanging in a place where many people can behold its beauty. 

As per your instruction, I am enclosing a receipt for the repair. The total bill was $81.21.

May the Lord continue to bless this endeavor, and may countless individuals be blessed by this collection.

Sincerely Yours,


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