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This particular leaf is exactly why our consumers can know with absolute certainty that the leaves they are purchasing are 100% authentic.


The 1611 KJV First Edition pages offered on this site are taken from one of the Great "He" Bibles; so called by scholars because of the rendering "He went into the citie" in Ruthe 3:15. Like a coin defaced at the mint, this misprint is one of the sure signs that this was not only a First Edition, but also one of the First King James Bibles ever printed! 


Copies of these first printing "He" Bibles are very rare. They are coveted for display around the world simply because they are famous. 


You can't buy most of them because they are hoarded in the vaults and galleries of prestigious museums, influential universities and in the libraries of a few collectors who won't sell them - ever!

Ruth: 3:10-4:12a - 4:12b-1 Samuel 1:9a

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