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One of the 25 Most Important Events In Church History | The Printing of The King James Bible

More Than 1 Billion Copies Sold

The King James Bible is the best selling, most widely circulated Bible in the history of mankind. Portions of it have been translated into well over 800 languages. It's the most loved and most hated book ever printed. It has been voluntarily read and memorized by more people than any other book on the planet.

Its pages have spawned revivals and countless changed lives. It was the Bible of Wesley, Whitfield, Edwards, Finney, Spurgeon, Moody and Sunday.

To some, it is the masterpiece of English Literature translated when our language was in its' full flower. To many Bible believers, it is "The Lion of Books," "The Sword of the Spirit," "The Very Word of God."

Voted One of the 25 Most Important Events in Church History

At one time, Christian History Magazine devoted an entire issue to the 100 most important events in church history. In a survey of 500 members of a society of church historians, the publication of the First Edition King James Bible in 1611 was ranked 13th in a list of over 100 of the most important evens in church history - it's that well known!

Now you have the opportunity to own your very own page of a First Edition, First Printing 1611 King James Bible through McElroy Rare Bible Collection. Click through to our 1611 Leaves page to read about how we acquired this historic piece and check out our shop to see if your favorite passage is still available!

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