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Client Testimonial Spotlight | Alvin Coltheart, Australia

Alvin Coltheart, a Minister and Chaplain from Australia with a love of Biblical history and owner of an intermediate collection of Bible leaves knew he wanted an Original, First Edition, First Printing 1611 King James Bible leaf but didn’t immediately know where to find one.

After some careful searching, he eventually found McElroy Rare Bible Collection. Once he read up on their story, he knew he could trust them with his purchase.

Alvin’s first impression and overall experience exceeded his initial expectations.

I have just received my 1611 leaf, magnificent, inspiring, huge! The facsimile of the Title Page is a real treasure, knowing I can never hold a real [Title Page], this is the next best thing. The certificate of authenticity is pretty impressive, certainly the best I have received with a leaf. (I have quite a few). It adds distinction and 'provenance' to this collectible.

The words he had to say concerning our service were gratifying to hear;

I can totally recommend your collection to everyone interested in the early printed page and can say that being a custodian of a first edition 1611 KJV leaf is a rare privilege that you have helped me achieve. Thank you again for your excellent service.

We at McElroy Rare Bible Collection are extremely thankful that Alvin trusted us to deliver such a prominent piece of Biblical history to his front door steps.

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